How to Unblock Websites

We’ll teach you about Internet restrictions and how to unblock websites, quickly, easily and securely - wherever you are!

Why are some websites blocked and content unavailable?

Some websites are blocked depending on the network you’re on or where you are in the world. You’ve probably stumbled across some of these Internet restrictions yourself. Ever found a video on YouTube blocked because you’re not in the US? Or found educational resource sites and helpful videos on YouTube blocked at school? Maybe you can’t access your online banking abroad? Let’s go one step further and and look at Internet censorship and mass surveillance. Pakistan, for example, blocked YouTube altogether, Turkey has regularly blocked social media and news sites to restrict information from spreading, and Brazil and Uganda recently blocked WhatsApp. What if you’re working, travelling, or planning to live in these countries? What if you just need to unblock YouTube at school for that helpful tutorial?

An Internet security solution that so happens to unblock sites.

With the likes of Ryanair and Easyjet making travel easier and cheaper, travelling abroad on business and cheap last minute holidays are no longer a luxury for most. Students are also using the Internet for their homework and research more than ever. The Internet is a resource that is part of your everyday lives and Internet restrictions are mostly an inconvenience. Using ZenMate is easy. We use powerful encryption that secures your online activity - both from online fraud and from governments. This means we hide your IP address which is public. So you can actually choose where you appear to be connecting from, unblocking websites as you need to. You can then also browse anonymously, so that your personal data is kept secure and private.

We keep you secure under German online data privacy law.

Unblocking websites with ZenMate is completely safe. We use powerful encryption to create a secure tunnel, shielding your connection and hiding your real IP address. You get to choose where you connect from with access to our worldwide network of secure proxy servers. What’s more? We do not store or log your private data which can be used to identify you or what you are doing online. We do not monitor your online activity, and to seal the deal? We can't! Strict German privacy laws regulate our use of your data. So? We don't store your data, we don’t sell your data and we don’t share your data. Regardless of who wants it, governments or companies, we keep you secure and private - regardless of where you are in the world.

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