Unblock Facebook - Why, How, Do.

Why is it that Facebook is sometimes blocked in the United States, land of the non-censored content? Well, it is because a lot of work or school environments tend to have censored internet networks, i.e. "Facebook is blocked and cannot be accessed at this time, please contact the administrator." Most people would say, "Um… no thanks, I don’t have time for that, I just wanted to check my Facebook and watch cat videos for an hour, thats all." Fear no more, for here is an all inclusive guide to knowing how to unblock Facebook. there are multiple ways to unblock Facebook at school or at work, with each one having different pros and cons.

Three ways to Unblock Facebook now.

1) Using a Facebook Proxy

Simply put, a "Facebook Proxy" really is just like any free proxy service online. If you type in on google, "Facebook Proxy", you will be given a list of different free proxies which essentially only redirect your IP address from your school or work network to the proxy or third-party servers’ IP address. This, in turn, reroutes all your traffic through the proxy’s different IP address nodes and allows you to access the content you want.

  • Pros
    • Free and easy to access
    • They work (sometimes…maybe)
  • Cons
    • No idea where your traffic is being re-routed through
    • No idea who is viewing your traffic or where your data is being stored
    • Schools and work environment tend to already have a list of these proxies blocked
    • Typically, these services are not encrypted, meaning your data can easily be shared, stored, and possibly sold on (read about Data Mining here)
    • Typically, your bandwidth or surfing ability takes a significant hit and slows

2) Manual Installation of a Proxy

There is always the choice of setting up or installing a proxy onto your local computer. This can be a lengthy and tech-heavy process, and is not recommended if technology and its applications are not necessarily your "forte". There are multiple guides on how to install proxies online and can easily be found by a quick manual Google search.

  • Pros
    • Once again, it works (sometimes…maybe)
    • Once again, it’s free
    • Less chance of being already blocked by your school or work network
  • Cons
    • Depending on the proxy you are installing, you will probably have little to no idea of where, who, what, and how your web traffic is being viewed or stored
    • Not extremely reliable
    • If you are at school, it will have to be installed on every computer
    • Most schools and work environments have automatic setting restarts when you log off your local computer. This means you may have to reinstall your proxy each time you log off or restart your computer.
    • Once again, limited bandwidth while surfing online

3) Using a VPN - the optimal recommendation by our tech-savy staff

This method would be our most highly recommended route to unblocking - not because we at ZenMate provide a VPN service - but because a VPN is the most secure option when it comes to your web traffic, ip addresses, and online data. Almost any VPN service proves some sort of encryption standard, unlike free proxies. A VPN does essentially what a proxy does except add on that extra layer (or more) of protection as well as give you the choice too surf the web from multiple server locations. So, if your need to unblock content goes beyond just Facebook, a VPN can open up the door to surf the web from locations all over the world. There are many free VPNs as well as paid VPNs, which offer higher bandwidth and downloading capabilities.

  • Pros
    • Secure, encrypted web traffic and data
    • Reliable and will not affect your ability to surf the web
    • Can be free or paid
    • Provides the ability to chose which country you want to surf from
  • Cons
    • May cost up to 10$ month (depending on which VPN you decide to go with)
    • A lot of VPNs, so deciding can be difficult. Doing your research is definitely a suggestion. Here is a review of here

Overall, we have to suggest for anyone looking to unblock Facebook to use a VPN service and not a Facebook Proxy or free online proxy. The main reasons are, at ZenMate, we are believers in a secure, private, and fast Internet. Luckily, a VPN can ensure these requirements without affecting your online identity. So, we invite you to have a try at our VPN service if you would like, and if not, we highly recommend doing some research into the topic. We can promise you that you will be amazed from what you learn!

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