How to hide my IP address

If you want know: "How to hide my IP address?" - ZenMate is the answer! Your web activities will be anonymous and your data will be encrypted and secure. With a simple, one-click download you can enjoy all the benefits of an Internet unrestricted by your geographical location and - of course - hide your IP address. Because it's free, ZenMate is available for everyone!

ZenMate will hide IP details and much more

You don't need any specialist knowledge to use ZenMate. Simply click the download button and ZenMate will install into your Chrome browser as a plugin. You are instantly protected from snoopers and you will be hidden from any websites you visit. This prevents content being denied to you because of geo restrictions and opens up the web as never before. Just a simple answer to the question: "How to hide my IP online?"! ZenMate also protects you by encrypting your data, creating a secure data tunnel much like a virtual private network (VPN) to make sure that your important data cannot be accessed by unauthorized third parties. You can simply install ZenMate and forget about it or you can select from a number of different ZenMate servers to change your location whenever you wish. Because ZenMate is free, there is no need to get out your credit card. Simply hit the download button, install and instantly hide your IP address, enjoy the benefits of anonymous surfing and internet security.

Anyone can hide IP address details with ZenMate

ZenMate is the answer to the question: "How to hide my IP online?". It delivers an Internet experience just as it was meant to be: free from monitoring, restrictions and with security of your data. Zenmate is designed so that everyone can use it. As a simple plugin it requires no specialist knowledge to install or use: just click the download button and instantly enjoy unrestricted browsing. Too much of today's Internet content is being restricted according to the needs of advertisers or due to the whims of government departments. ZenMate believes in a free Internet and removes those limitations to allow you to consume the content you want to without interference. As a free plugin, nobody is excluded from taking advantage of this simple to use and effective solution.

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